Centro Internacional de Ciencias Verdes para los países de América Latina y el Caribe (IGSCLAC)

Official Logo of IGSCLAC

The Construction of any endeavor requires a systematic approach. A step-by-step process ensures that the building blocks are correctly interconnected and cemented. On the other hand, Science Culture is the acquisition of ideas, habits, and actions that permeate the walls of scientific and academic institutions, to influence society and establish pathways to disseminate knowledge, promote innovation, economic and technological development, and the general improvement of human life.

It is in this sense, that the Andean Road Countries for Science and Technology (ARCST) have been committed since 2018 to building the Science Culture Construction (SCC) across the Latin American and Caribbean countries. Their efforts have received support from different Universities, academic and research institutions, the public and private sectors, and other social strata.

In 2021, the Declaration of Climate and Science Literacy across Latin America and the Caribbean (DCSLAC) was promulgated with the collaboration of several experts from all over the world. In 2023, the Declaration has been revised and published in its third version.

Nowadays, mutual collaboration is essential for the development of science and technology. With the same spirit, we emphasize the importance of collaboration, mutual understanding, friendship and utilizing mechanisms of science popularization, and the promotion of technology and innovation in different areas of knowledge. That is why, we are honored to launch the International Green Science Center for Latin America and the Caribbean countries (IGSCLAC) longing to connect the community of researchers, professors, students, and the community in general between Latin America, the Caribbean, and the world. We plan to engage society in actions that favor the well living and well-being in harmony with nature, utilizing scientific, technical, and educational methods for this purpose.

The launching ceremony is planned to be held on June 26th at 8 pm (Beijing time) and it will last for one and a half hours. We invite you to build it together and create more opportunities to converge into topics that are beneficial for Green Development and can be useful to promote knowledge transfer, the diffusion of information, science popularization, research, and innovation.

We believe that this will be an excellent opportunity to communicate and exchange views and break the geographic and language barriers that sometimes are responsible for ineffective communication in the international field. We look forward to your participation and hope to see you during the launching ceremony of the IGSCLAC.

For more information please send us an email to: editorial@journalasc.org

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Let this be the opportunity to express our feelings of consideration and appreciation.

Organizing Committee